We Need to Stop Being “Mean Girls”

We Need to Stop Being “Mean Girls”

It’s not “fetch” to be a mean girl.

I believe in female empowerment and that women can do anything they set their minds to. But why have women not yet taken over the world? Because girls can be awful. Straight up mean. We form cliques, talk behind each other’s backs and judge whether or not our “friends” are living correctly by our standards. Why are so many girls threatened by the way others dress, behave or date? Why do we do this to each other? Why are we so… “mean”?

Stop calling each other names. Does it make you feel better about yourself knowing that you slept with one fewer guy than your friend? Regardless, don’t call her a whore or a slut. Does it make my clothes prettier, when I insult the clothing of another girl? No, it doesn’t. It just makes my soul a little bit uglier. It is hurtful and immature to be so pedantic and yet women do it every day. (I’m not innocent… I’ve totally done it!) When women make fun of other girls it makes guys feel that they’re allowed to call girls names.

We need to empower each other. Stop creating a world where it’s okay to judge a girl for the clothing she wears, the length of her skirt or how much she weighs. And this only starts with us. Yes, there’s pressure from society to be perfect but we can make the choice to not judge one another.

If we can eliminate jealousy from our daily lives, back stabbing, name calling and all other petty behaviors that many woman employ, not only would women rule the world, but we’d smile and love more abundantly. Go and make a new friend today or give an old nemesis another chance; you may be surprised how quickly you feel better about yourself, by treating other people, better.

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