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Empowerment | OOOOPPPSS! I am a Transgender

OOOOPPPSS! I am a Transgender

Beatrice Wong

Session Detail

I will be sharing my gender transition story, talking about my own mishaps and misconceptions and general idiocy along the way because these are all factors ¬that actually helped me move forward. And how learning from my own mistakes actually helped me actualize my goal of becoming someone I am comfortable with, and how this goal actually saved my once derailed life.

Takeaway Points

  1. The best way to move forward is to make mistakes and learn from it.
  2. Being yourself isn’t just a transgender thing, it could happen to you.
  3. The first step into anything is 99.9% ugly, make sure you keep your ears open to feedback, absorb them and you will be fine.
  4. The world is big and fun and exciting, but the fear of being alone and being rejected always keep you trapped in a miniscule boring world. F*** loneliness and you will achieve more than you imagined.
Beatrice Wong

Speaker Bio

A mid 30s trans woman living in Hong Kong that likes to share my experiences regarding my transgender existence, an arts school graduate with a specialty in video production working an entry level job in IT, an amateur public speaker with a focus on storytelling.