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New Beginnings: AWE Connect’s Virtual Conference 2016

Annual Conference

July 28-31, 2016

New Beginnings

expect a full conference experience on your computer

Grab an exclusive sale price for the New Beginnings!


Early Bird Ticket: US$ 65

AWE Alumni Exclusive Ticket: US$ 65 → US$ 40* (40% discount!)

Student Ticket: US$ 45**

*AWE Alumni Exclusive sale is only eligible for AWE-ers who previously attended AWE conferences. The sale price will be applied with a valid coupon code that was delivered to your email upon check out.

**Please contact the conference admin (info@aweconnect.net) for the Student Tickets. You’ll have to provide a relative document to prove your student status. 

***PayPal transaction fee will be applied.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you want to break out of a controlled environment and pursue your passion?

I want to follow my passion but haven’t had courage to act. I don’t know where to start…

Do you want to be in the community of like-minded women who share the same vision?

I always think ‘I must be the weird one’ in my community. I want to be surrounded by women who want to change the world.

Do you want to learn skills that you can use to build your future?

It’s hard to find the exact tools and methods I need to build my new career. Where can I meet the people who can teach me the skills I need?

Do you want to find out what your passion is?

I want to do something different but I don’t know what I’m good at.

Do you need motivation and inspiration?

I feel like I’m stuck. I want inspiration and motivation to make my life better.

Do you want to empower others?

I want to help other people find their path; just like others who helped me.

Did you say yes to any? Then, you're in the right place. Keep on reading.

What comes with the Conference?

Member-only Forums

AWE Connect Virtual Conference gives it’s members access to experts and like-minded people in different fields through the member only forums. This membership privilege is valid until one year after the conference (July 2017).

Our forums are in six categories: Life/ Entrepreneurship/ Career/ Blogging/ Travel/ Women’s Issue

Sessions you’ve always wanted

We know what you need. We know what you’ve been seeking for. We’ve been there. You can expect sessions that you’ve always wanted. Expect a full conference experience on your computer! Enjoy speakers, Q&A sessions, live panels, and recorded videos from experts in various fields from career advice to spiritual awakening, from business development to health, from women’s issue to relationships, and so on.


As women we struggle with choosing which path to take in our lives. We also yearn to find sisters that inspire us and make us feel positive about ourselves. With AWE we’ve not only connected women that are experts in fields like business, women’s health, art, travel and more but ladies who are beautiful in spirit.

We always leave the annual AWE Conference with a feeling of joy. We want to pass on this feeling and these words of wisdom further with the power of the world wide web.

AWE Connect Virtual Conference is your answer

What makes AWE Connect Virtual Conference Special?

AWE Connect Virtual Conference brings knowledge from more than 20 experts in different fields.





Women’s Issue

And many more…

We work hard to make sure our content is readily available to women from all walks of life and that it is easy to use. It is our mission to foster relationships and empowerment through sisterhood.

Design your life

What are you waiting for? Change your life with one weekend of inspiration.
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Let’s empower each other