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Life | Three Yoga Sessions

Yoga & Meditation

Kavitha Subramaniam

Session Detail

There will be 3 sessions planned. Each session will last between 10-20 minutes allowing for new students to not be too daunted when they first try it. Kavitha will be explaining the poses and its significance, and taking things a little slower so that the attendees will not be overwhelmed by too many poses.

Takeaway Points

1. Be Grounded, Be Strong: Being more self-aware of their own bodies, thoughts and feelings in a positive way.
2. Connect To Your Heart: Learning to be centered.
3. Releasing Negativity Through Meditation: Giving a basic foundation to what yoga is truly about and hopefully giving them the belief to learn more about it.

1. Grounding

2. Heart Opening

3. Meditation


Speaker Bio

After practising Yoga for about 5 years, Kavitha ventured off to Rishikesh, India to get certified in Traditional Hatha Yoga in May 2015. She recently obtained a Level 1 50Hrs Yin Yoga certification by Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier and is certified with Yoga Alliance.


  • Please consult a medical practitioner prior to starting the yoga classes, especially if you have existing medical conditions or old injuries of any kind.
  • Like all other exercise classes, avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior to class, make sure you are well hydrated before, during and after class and wear comfortable workout clothing.
  • Respect your body and acknowledge your limitations. There is no need to push yourself if you are in any pain or feel light-headed. Stop immediately and rest.
  • We are not liable for any injury sustained as a result of your participation in these classes.