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Life | Personal Development Keys for Personal Growth and Professional Impact

Personal development keys for personal growth and professional impact

Sivakumar Kumaresan

Session Detail

Personal Development is one of the keys to a meaningful life, as when we are truly growing and learning, we feel joyful. Many AWE delegates have had a deep attraction to travel and music, and in actuality, this is a sign of their need to grow as people. In this session, Siva will share simple personal development methods that he has used over the past 20 years that has allowed him to increase his awareness, live more joyfully, and build better personal and professional relationships.

Takeaway Points

1. Awareness is the key to change, and there are steps to building up awareness.
2. Face your fears, and your fears disappear, avoid your fears and you disappear.
3. The path of awareness often appears lonely, yet genuine and authentic friendships can be cultivated along this journey

Sivakumar Kumaresan

Speaker Bio

Dr. Sivakumar Kumarean is Chemical Engineering lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sabah where he started the Chemical Engineering Department in 1998. He is currently the Deputy Director for Endowments at the Centre for Industry and Community Network. Siva has a background in traditional and alternative medicine, as well as Neurolinguistic Programming. He has always been keen on personal development as he finds that as he goes along this journey, he lives with more joy and impacts others more. He believes that simple, not necessarily easy, steps can lead to empowerment and joy.