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It’s Body Positivity Week! Let’s Learn to Love Our Flaws!

It’s Body Positivity Week! Let’s Learn to Love Our Flaws!

Body Shaming is a complex problem. People are no longer just made fun of for simply being fat. People are made fun of for being skinny, tall, short, too slutty, showing too much skin, not showing enough skin… Is there any way to be happy?

Yes there is. You can simply accept yourself for as you are and let others be them. Unless someone is physically hurting you or affecting your daily life, another person’s body image is none of your business. The definition of beauty is often subjective, based on where you’re raised.

What or whom do we consider beautiful today? Surely there aren’t really any beautiful or ugly bodies, but only beautiful or ugly individuals, or perhaps people with beautiful or ugly behavior. Such would depend not on evaluating curves or physical traits in a perfect world. I remember studying statues and painting in Art History class and seeing the beautiful, curvy statues of Botecelli.

During the Italian Renaissance, beauty ceased to be considered a reflection of the Divine, as it had been in medieval art. Instead, artists began to depict the naked body in harmony with humanistic values and human exceptionalism. (Is that a word? It should be…) Botticelli’s Three Graces exude an intense warmth and sensuality in their curves, yet one could safely state that they would never make it on the catwalk today. They even would struggle to get some likes on Instagram… And yet these women were considered the height of beauty in their day!

Trends are ever changing.

But one trend never goes away. Being kind.

Share your story of learning to accept yourself and your flaws with AWE and let’s spread the word that women are beautiful no matter what they look like!

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