AWE View with Pamela Loh

AWE View with Pamela Loh

Pamela Loh at AWE '13

Pamela Loh, top left with Juno & other attendees at the AWE ’13 conference


Pamela Loh had a blast at the AWE ’13 conference in Kuala Lumpur – get her take on what made it so special and why she’s definitely attending AWE ’14 in our third installment in a series interviewing AWE ’13 attendees.

How did you hear about AWE 2013?

Being an avid traveller, I enjoy reading travel blogs because they inspire me. I stalk follow Juno’s blog so that was how I found out about the conference!

Was it what you expected?

Honestly, before attending, I had no idea what to expect. On the one hand, it was ‘calling out’ to me because I represent an Asian woman and coming from Juno, there had gotta be some travelling topics involved, right? Why would I not want to find out more? However on the other hand, usually conferences are boring and serious with speakers going on and on as the audiences listen on.

In the end, I am glad I went because it turned out way better than those typical serious conference! Speakers were engaging, they made us cry and laugh even harder! Sharing of stories and life experiences was encouraging and inspiring. I think friendly and enthusiastic participants also contributed to the success of the event. There was plenty of interaction during and between sessions.

What surprised you about the conference?

So much for a women’s conference, there were a handful of guys who attended as well! It was encouraging to see men during the event because it shows that they support and respect us women! So guys, this is not a girly conference. Hesitate no more, show some love and support for us women now! 😀

Did you learn anything from the 2013 conference?

Yes, definitely! Throughout the 2 days, there were live examples speaking in the room, their stories inspiring me that we should never fear challenges and never ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are not realistic and that you need to conform to the social norm. To me, that is the most important message of all.

What would you say to someone who’s not sure about attending AWE 2014?

STOP HESITATING and GO FOR IT! it is not something you will regret, even if it means you have to go alone! I am telling you this loud and clear because a year ago, I attended AWE all by myself and I met amazing people whom I now call my friends.

If you have had enough of following the social norm just because you are expected to do so and are ready to come out of your comfort zone, be inspired, meet awesome people and make new friends, this is the event not to be missed!

“Asian Women’s Empowerment”: what does that mean to you?

In my society, the degree of gender inequality is not significant and I have always received equal opportunities and respect. With that aspect, it is not about being a feminist. Futhermore, we woman are special, so why are we comparing ourselves to men?

It is to encourage Asian Women (actually it’s not just Asian women, but women in general) to follow our dreams, not to be bound by cultures or traditions or what society deems as the ‘right path’. To dare to venture and push the limits of our comfort zones. There are no dreams too big or too small that we cannot achieve, our destiny is in our hands.

Are you planning to attend the 2014 conference?

Of course! I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting the new ones! This will be my first time in Kota Kinabalu so I am excited to go exploring! I heard something about beautiful sunsets and nature, sounds like a beautiful place!
See ya in October! 😀

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