AWEtreat: Treat Yo’ Self in Chiang Mai!

AWEtreat: Treat Yo’ Self in Chiang Mai!

We know meeting, hugging, and laughing together with AWE-ers in person beats anything. So, we’re taking the fun and play of aspect of our previous AWE Conference weekends and putting it in a casual atmosphere. Because who doesn’t love a massage weekend with the girls?

Destination: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Itinerary in partnership with WSE Travel



Welcome to Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand, and a former capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Today we will be taking you an hour outside of the city to an area which is still relatively untouched by mass tourism. We will be transferring to Sri Lanna National Park. From here, we will take a 20 minute long tail ferry ride to the interior of Mae Ngat lake. Floating rafts and bungalows await us. This will be our home for the AWEtreat!

After arriving at the Bungalows, and having a chance to unpack and breathe in the fresh mountain air.


What We Do at AWEtreat

  • This weekend is about connecting, relaxing, and sharing. We have prepared a few workshops including yoga sessions by our own Kavitha Subramaniam.
  • There will not be a full day of set schedule! It’s going to be a relaxing retreat weekend with good food, nature, and inspiring conversations.
  • Leave your electronics. Be ready to relax!


What about Chiang Mai city?

  • We’ll come back to Chiang Mai on Sunday (Aug 14) after breakfast for you to explore the city. We’ll make a stop at “Sticky Waterfall” as our wrap up activity as a group.
  • Want to shop? Don’t worry, this is the day for the famous “Sunday Walking Market” (4pm – midnight).
  • If you want to spend more time in Chiang Mai, we recommend you to extend your trip before or after AWEtreat. It will also give you an opportunity to explore the region with the additional programs (see below).


How much is it?

General price: $340

AWE Connect member price: $299*

*AWE Connect members are those of who attended AWE Connect’s annual conference “New Beginning”

*Accommodation: Lakeside Bungalows (double sharing)*

*single supplement $35

*Group discount is available. Please contact us!

If you’re interested in the AWEtreat, you might as well participate in our conference, since the discount is almost same as our conference ticket! *wink wink*


  • Transfers (to and from) Mae Ngat Lake
  • Ferry Ride (to and from) Floating Raft Bungalows
  • Accommodation
  • All meals, as listed in the itinerary
  • Activities, as listed in the itinerary
  • Tour guides
  • Yoga instructor & facilitators from AWE Connect


Not Included

  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Activities not already listed
  • Transportation not already listed
  • International Travel Insurance
  • International/Domestic Flights to and from Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Spending Money
  • Alcoholic beverages


Treat Yo’ Self!

  • Reserve your spot by June 30: email us
  • Make the down payment* $50 to through
  • If you wish to use another payment method, please contact us directly.

*down payment is non-refundable.

  • Make the full payment by July 5*

*if you’re purchasing any additional tour options, the price shall be included in the full payment.


Additional Programs

*All AWE Connect members are entitled to 10% off ticket price of Where Sidewalks End Travel extensions (code: AWE10).

Lanna Ink Experience (Get a Sak Yant bamboo tattoo from a monk)

  • Ever dreamed of venturing so deep into a sub-culture that you find yourself being magically enchanted with blessings from a monk, in a practice that dates back hundreds of years? Or do you just want a really cool souvenir – that just happens to have been customized specific to you… by a monk? The Ink Experience takes you into the underbelly of magic and traditions in Thai culture. On this experience, you will have a full consultation with a Thai Buddhist Monk about your passions, goals, challenges and fears in life. From this knowledge, he will choose an ancient design (there are thousands) which embodies all these things and is said to give you enchanted protection and guidance.
  • Regular Retail Price: $250 USD
  • AWE Connect Price: $225 USD
  • Max 2 people per visit – 2 visits per day (morning/afternoon)


Lanna Aharn Jay Experience (Healthy & good karma Northern Thai vegan food tour)

Where vegetarians condemn eating animals for either health or ethical reasons, and vegans additionally refrain from eating anything produced by animals, Jay diet is intended to cleanse the body and one’s karma. The word Jay (or jeh) is derived from Jainism, which is an eastern religion that dates back millennia. Jain monks believe strongly in non-suffering, which leads them to eat only vegetables, fruits and beans. These days many Thai Buddhists believe that not eating meat nor pungent herbs purifies the body and improves their karma. On this tour, you will visit some off the beaten path restaurants and street stalls, sampling some of Northern Thailand’s finest Jay food selections most tourists (and tours) never even try!

  • Regular Retail Price: $30 USD
  • AWE Connect Price: $27 USD
  • Min 4 – Max 8 people per group – 2 groups per day (morning/evening)


*These extensions below are not operated by WSE Travel. Bookings are subject to full listed rates online, at the discretion of the owners and operators of these tours.

Elephant Nature Park

One animal in particular is synonymous with Thailand. The National Animal – the Asian Elephant. Once these animals roamed free through the expansive jungles found all over Thailand. With civilization growing at an exponential rate, much habitat was lost, and many of these elephants were taken to be used for battles, hard labour, and in the past few decades, for touristic purposes of riding, painting, and other unnatural activities. With the growing awareness of animal cruelty in the world, and with the help of a local Thai woman named Lek (which means small in Thai, though her heart is as big as an elephant’s), Elephant Nature Park was started. It is a sanctuary for elephants who lived a life of servitude to retire and spend out their days in peace – free from hard labour – free from abuse and touristic riding. The only contact you have here is feeding and bathing the elephants (which they enjoy… especially the feeding). It is one of the few responsible places in Thailand left to interact with elephants, and watch them as they form new herds and families with other rescued elephants on the massive property.

  • Regular Retail Price: 2500 THB per person
  • Availability dependent on the park (full day)

Flight Of The Gibbon (zip-lining adventure, responsible tourism focused)

Thailand’s original zip lining course takes you an hour outside of the city into the village of Mae Kampong. This is one of the remaining forests where trees are as old as the ruins of past kingdoms. With one of Asia’s longest zip lines (measuring in at 800 meters), and over 20 platforms to zip, climb, rappel and wobble your way over to, this is an adrenaline packed adventure. The best part – all the sky rangers, chefs, and many of the staff on site were all hired from the village of Mae Kampong, amongst other responsible initiatives run by the company (such as tree planting and Gibbon rehabilitation and reintroduction). While you are having fun, you’re helping both the people in the community, and the forest and it’s wildlife! It’s a triple win!

  • Regular Retail Price: 3999 THB per person
  • Availability dependent on the company (full day)

Email us at if you have any questions! Let’s AWEtreat!




Photo credit: Where Sidewalks End

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