AWE View with Sivakumar Kumaresan

AWE View with Sivakumar Kumaresan


Sivakumar Kumaresan has been a big part of AWE since the AWE Conference KK 2014. His knowledge in energy touched a lot of lives in AWE community, he became one of our favorite speakers and friends. Naturally, we formed a movement that we named “Siva-ism”. I’m hoping more AWE-ers can meet Dr.Kumaresan in future AWE events.

We asked him a few questions about AWE and women’s empowerment.

1. How did you hear about AWE?

I heard about AWE from Melissa Leong, a previous speaker from Kota Kinabalu, where I am from.

2. Was it what you expected?

I didn’t have any expectations, I just wanted to meet people passionate about their lives. For me, living a life which is meaningful where we are engaged with people and activities that are aligned with our values, is really important. AWE2014 and 2015 were both impactful to me in very different way.

3. What surprised you about the conference?

For both AWE 2014 and 2015, it was that a small group of people, led by Juno, could achieve so much, and they had a strong emphasis on making the conference personal, it wasn’t just about the events but the personal connection with the participants and each other.

4. Did you learn anything from the 2014 and 2015 conference?

From AWE 2014, I learnt that we can really impact people lives, no matter how small from Caroline (sorry I can’t recall her full name), He dedication to do what she can no matter how small to empower Vietnamese families was quite inspirational.

In AWE 2015, I learnt deep on how to be patient along our path of growth from Pisey Khim, as she has slowly and steadily changed her life and the lives of many Cambodian families. It is said that Love is patient and kind, and she showed it in who she was.

5. Are you planning to attend the 2016 conference?


6. What would you say to someone who’s not sure about attending AWE Conference?

The people we meet make a bigger impact in our lives than we realize. If we only stay within our own comfort zone, the context of our lives will be limited. Choose to go outside what we already know, AWE is a good start, even for men 🙂

7. “Asian Women’s Empowerment”: what does that mean to you?

It means that men and women have a chance to redefine themselves and create better lives from themselves and others.

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