About Us

We’re here to connect unique, creative, and driven women from all over the world and all walks of life.

We are AWE Connect

We’ll help you grow

We all struggle with choosing which path to take in our lives. We also yearn to find sisters that inspire us and make us feel positive about ourselves. With AWE we’ve not only connected women that are experts in fields like business, women’s health, art, travel and more but ladies who are beautiful in spirit.

We always leave AWE with a feeling of joy. We want to pass on this feeling and these ladies’ words of wisdom further with the power of the world wide web.

Our Mission

To connect and inspire women from all walks of life. Especially for those of who…

  • Thought that they don’t belong in any community, thinking “I must be the weird one”
  • Want to break out of the controlled environment and pursue the passion
  • Want to be in the network with like-minded women to speak and share ideas
  • Need motivation and inspiration

At AWE Connect, we want to:

  • Inspire members to fulfill their dreams
  • Be a community who shares the same vision and ambition
  • Be the support system and empowering drive for each other
  • Ask questions and be the solution
  • Provide positive encouragement to achieve your goals
  • Build meaningful professional and personal relationships with like-minded women

Our Pillars of Vision & Action









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$$$ freedom


your life


the world



What we do

Virtual Conference

AWE Connect is virtual conference that was created to connect unique, creative, goal-driven women all over the world, especially in the Asia region.

AWE Exchange

AWE hosts regional meet ups to help you connect with your local network. It’s a free event for AWE members.

Member-only Forums: It’s Your Mindsharing Platform

We all struggle to make the best decisions possible when it comes to our careers, finances, and business. But what if we could make every important decision with the help of the like-minded people? When we reach out to the crowd for wisdom, we are able to access decision-making skills that are free of our own emotion.
When we Mindshare, others think with us and that improves our ability to make decisions and quality of those decisions. You can access the global brain, hack your way into a better career, stronger relationships, and the fulfilment of virtually any dream or goal you can imagine.

Meet the Happiness Makers

Juno Kim

Juno Kim

Juno Kim is the founder to AWE Connect and new media specialist at Runaway Juno Media. She has been traveling full-time for last 5 years. The experience of breaking out from conventional society became the fuel for the founding of AWE Connect.

Meaghan McGurgan

Meaghan McGurgan

Meaghan McGurgan is a freelance theatre artist and designer. She is also the editor of HKELD, Hong Kong’s number one art blog. She has been living in Hong Kong since 2008.

Amy McPherson

Amy McPherson

Amy is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer who is also a senior business analyst for a multi-national corporation (yes, in that order of importance!). Being the main income earner in her marriage, she is no stranger to un-conventional living and has a happy lifestyle juggling two careers and extensive travels.
She currently lives in London with her husband and two cats.

Daisy Wong

Daisy Wong

Daisy Wong wants to live in a world where loving all of who we are is a priority. As a certified Integrative Coach™ she’s been helping men and women heal their old, outdated limiting beliefs all over the globe. When she’s not coaching people to get out of their own way you can find her spending time with her man, Mikael and their pug, Gizmo, exploring new destinations or indulging in her inner foodie.
In 2008, she was introduced to the work of Debbie Ford, New York Times best-seller and founder of the Ford Institute. She is now a certified Integrative Coach™ specializing in Breakthrough Coaching.

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