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5 Quotes about the Struggles for Female Business Owners

5 Quotes about the Struggles for Female Business Owners

We searched the internet for quotes from five fabulous female business owners. They talked about their struggles as entrepreneurs and how they overcame the biggest issues in their careers. It’s not just about the bottom line… It’s about a state of mind when you’re a lady in charge.


Avoiding ‘paralysis by analysis’ is a major obstacle, but it is also not an excuse to overlook contrasting viewpoints.” – Amy Kothari


“Women face greater obstacles than men when starting and growing businesses, especially when it comes to receiving angel and venture capital. Though it might be unintentional, men fund people who look and sound just like them, and the consequences are just as harmful as if there was malicious aforethought. Don’t do it alone! Seek advice from a variety of sources… – Geri Stengel, author of Forget the Glass Ceiling.


“Working women face the expectation to do well in all areas of their multi-faceted lives. In general, men are judged by how well they do in their careers, while women are judged by how well they excel with family, friends, ‘looking their best’ and, if they work, their career. It’s a struggle to find enough time in the day to focus on them all! My advice is to really understand what is important to you… Thus, it’s important to focus on the positive and what you have at the time.” – Christine Wheeler.

Time Management

“It can be overwhelming to manage your time, communicate effectively and stay organized while developing your business skills… As an entrepreneur, you love what you do, so taking a break is challenging. But you need to work on your business, not in it. Delegate relentlessly, and inspire people to want to do a job for you.” – Michelle Touchstone

Fear of Success

“One of my biggest challenges as a business owner has been letting the fear of success keep me from taking the next step… Instead of waiting to get over my fears, I have figured out how to recognize them, manage them and grow from those experiences.Treat yourself as a business owner so others treat you the same way. Stop waiting for permission or recognition from others in order to feel entitled to your success. Only you can award yourself the right to earn success for your career or business.” – Jennifer Kent

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