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3 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old To Succeed

3 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old To Succeed

Written by Amy McPherson

When it comes to entrepreneurship, most people think of smart, young bright minds who are fresh out of university; the under 30s with the world at their feet and their sight set beyond the career horizon. These are the faces behind many of today’s fashion brands, health movements and digital start-ups, leaving the rest of us who are above the perceived average age of success feeling just a little too old to be entrepreneurial.

However, a quick look around the landscape of successful businesses that have started in the naughties, it seems that age isn’t a factor to success at all.

You might have heard of a company called Twitter (who hasn’t?). This widely successful social platform turned 10 this year all thanks to the brilliant idea of Evans Williams for the online community to share short conversations. When Twitter started, Williams was 34.

Many of us are on LinkedIn, the social platform for professionals, which began its function as a way to generate business connections in 2002, when founder Reid Hoffman was 36 years old. Today, the company is worth about $7.5 billion and is the major platform for professional connections and searches.

Finally, let’s look at the successful Huffington Post, an alternative news website that took the world by storm.
It is one of the most read online publishers today, and with a Pulitzer Prize under its belt (awarded in 2012 for a story series “Beyond the Battlefield”), it has transformed the way the world thinks about their news medium, and the acceptance of stories generated by online only news source.
Ariana Huffington
So, when did Arianna Huffington start her venture with Huffington Post? At the wise age of 55.

These are not the only case studies; many people just like you and me are starting a business after retirement and are becoming equally successful!

Here’s three reason why as an older entrepreneur, you can find just as much, or even more success in your start-ups.

1. Industry Knowledge = Knowing What Ideas Sell

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about coming up with business ideas; success largely comes to those with the ability to differentiate between a good idea from a great one.
Older entrepreneurs have better industry knowledge and insight to be able to see what ideas are good, and what ideas are great. Having ‘been there and done that’ you are equipped with the skill to determine what is just a new idea, and what is an idea that will sell.
With previous experience, you will also have the ability to formulate ideas into action, then onto a business plan, which is essential to the grounding success into a start-up business.

2. Established Professional Relationships = Fast Track Networking

There is no doubting the importance of having good business relationships and networks. While many younger entrepreneurs would need to begin from the ground up, you advantage from having have established professional relationships for support.
This means getting your ideas out and getting feedback faster and being able to progress in the building of the business much quicker, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

3. It’s ‘Now or Never’

None of us are getting any younger, and if there is any motivation to act, to succeed on anything in life, it’s pretty much ‘Now or Never’.

And it is this determination that drive the older entrepreneurs to act faster and work harder towards success!

The truth is, age has nothing to do with the rise a successful entrepreneur. With great ideas, established industry network and the ‘now-or-never’ determination to succeed, you have the right tools to start that business, and taste the fruit of success.

#Photos: Women2, Huffington Post

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