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18 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Women’s Conference

We’ve put together 18 reasons why you should attend a women’s conference – see whether you agree!

1. Be inspired by cool women

2. Meet mentors

3. Experience girl power all together

4. Learn about new ideas

5. Be silly together without anyone caring

6. Make new best friends

7. Get to travel to the conference!

8. Learn there is more to life than your work cubicle

9. Bore all the people back home with amazing stories that other women have accomplished

10. Refuse the status quo

11. Learn that women are pretty amazing after all – despite what you may have read

12. Be reassured that women care about more than just getting married and having babies

13. Be inspired to work towards your dreams

14. Network with some awesome ladies

15. Have no-holds-barred discussions

16. Take some time for yourself

17. Enjoy increased productivity

18. And lastly… Have fun!

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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